Once a solar cavity is identified the next obstacle is getting data from the region such as the area, proximity to the disk, latitude, longitude, curvature, etc., which entails finding the edges of the cavity. In processing we can segment the region of interest as well as enhancing it to bring out the features you are looking for. For my purpose I did some adjustments on the brightness, contrast, Gaussian blur, conversion to a grayscale image as well as attempting to equalize the histogram among other things. With low contrast images it became very difficult to distinguish the true edges of an object when those edges and surrounding areas are so close in intensity (color value).
So in the mean time I’m working on a different approach to essentially get around this for the sake of my thesis and my timeframe to maybe come back to this at a later time; as I would really like to solve this problem in relation to solar cavities as I think it could provide vital data for analysis purposes.

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