Now that we have eliminated scaling from our rotation images, we can now try to track/follow our region of interest (ROI) throughout all rotations. Below is the first initial attempt, we marked our first ROI so we know the left most point of the rectangle as well as its dimensions (width and height). So we […]

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So initially we thought to rotate the image 1 degree and save the resulting image, we then ended up with about 360 image files derived from a single image. If we marked just the initial image (non-rotated) then based off of the placement in that image we could derive the position of interest in all […]

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Athena on October 20th, 2011

In order to simplify marking the positive images, instead of marking and identifying thousands of images we decided to try marking one image and rotating the image 1 degree for a complete 360 degree rotation. We are hoping that this will still bring about enough variance in our data sets, while still increasing the hit […]

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Athena on October 3rd, 2011

So now that the limitation of the performance application has been identified what does that mean for the previous haar classifiers we have tested and analyzed this far? Well to put it bluntly they were wrong. The results did not truly reflect the classifiers accuracy. So I took the haarcascade15, since this classifier had the […]

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Athena on October 2nd, 2011

When creating a classifier to use for detection of solar cavities, the steps taken are essentially creating the samples to train with, train, and then test the performance. In testing the performance, I began looking through the output, and noticed some oddity. For some of the images the performance output would classify a MISS, so […]

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