I am currently a software engineer working in the greater DMV area. My work experience ranges from Software Integration to Graphical User Interface programming with interests in image processing, robotics, interactive and user experience design.
I studied Computer Science at NC State University where I earned my bachelors degree in 2006. After graduating I soon moved on to MD for a job doing Software Integration and 2 years later I moved to the GUI development group within the same company and have been here ever since. I also began pursuing my Masters degree in Computer Science at Hood College, which I am hoping (fingers crossed!) to complete in 2012.
I am very fortunate to have a job I love and the opportunity to work with some really talented people who are constantly teaching me new things, it definitely makes all the difference to not dread going to work and have a company that is understanding of your school commitments.
When Iā€™m not working I’m usually doing school work, so my time is pretty much devoted to programming these days, which is not so bad it keeps me on my toes. But in hopes of one day catching some free time I plan on traveling, doing outdoorsy stuff and playing around with my photography equipment…oh and sleep would be nice as well :-).
So check out my blog and portfolio.