Below are examples of the haar-like feature sets that are used in training. It displays what features are used based on the “mode” option used as well as the string representation that will be used in each of the AdaBoostCARTHaarClassifier.txt files created for each stage on the classifier.

if(mode == BASIC || CORE || ALL)
haar_x2         haar_y2
haar_x2          haar_y2 			 
haar_x3         haar_y3
haar_x3          haar_y3			 
if(mode != BASIC)
haar_x4         haar_y4
haar_x4          haar_y4
if(mode == ALL)
tilted_haar_x2         tilted_haar_y2
tilted_haar_x2               tilted_haar_y2
tilted_haar_x3         tilted_haar_y3
tilted_haar_x3               tilted_haar_y3
tilted_haar_x4         tilted_haar_y4
tilted_haar_x4               tilted_haar_y4

One thing to notice is that tilted_haar_point feature is actually commented out in the cvhaartraining.cpp source code. So if that is a feature you would like to use it will need to be uncommented and recompiled for an new executable that will now include that feature.

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