OpenCV is an image processing library that I use in conjunction with C++ in Visual Studio. This library has proven to be very useful so far. I have experienced a number of crashes,  as well as using some of their supplied binaries.  Some of these I was able to get around by actually loading the source code and compiling it myself with debug information so I could further see what the problem was. Since I have done this my understanding of OpenCV has gotten better as well as developing thoughts on how to be a better programmer and include status message or more descriptive error parsing…. but we can’t expect every developer to be so forth coming. That being said, no code is error free sometimes as a developer you will have to dig further into the libraries and binaries supplied to get it working for what you want/need.

OpenCV can be downloaded here…

Download OpenCV


Also here are some sites that have some very helpful examples and explanations.


AI Shack

OpenCV Site

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