Training Options Used –

-npos 1134
-nneg 625
-nstages 20
-mode ALL

The number of positive images used to train this classifier was 1134, the number of negative images used was 625 and specified that the number of stages the trainer should try to complete is 20. Used the mode ALL switch, which not only includes the basic haar like features but an extended set of features, here is a link to the feature sets Haar-like features. During the training phase of this cascade it finished in stage 20, which created 139 total weak classifiers. In this stage it reached the desired minimum false alarm rate, or else the false alarm rate will be too high for real world use.

NEG: 148 9.77509e-005

Used the OpenCV version of the haartraining.

opencv_haartraining.exe -data "F:\Thesis_Research\HaarClassifier\haarcascade15" -vec "F:\Thesis_Research\Test_Sets\Positive_Solar_Cavities\positivesoutput.vec" -bg "F:\Thesis_Research\Test_Sets\Negative_Solar_Cavities\negatives.txt" -npos 1134 -nneg 625 -nstages 20 -mode ALL

Hit rate ≈ 57.1%

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